NZ Pies was founded in 2015 by us, Tom & Victoria Simpson. We are very proud to develop, bake and distribute our pies from Katrineholm, Sweden and are driven to spread our passion for amazing pies far and wide.

But how on earth did our idea to bake NZ pies in Sweden come about?

Kiwis (a.k.a New Zealanders) are completely crazy about pies. Tom grew up baking (eating) pies at the family bakery in Christchurch and he was certainly no exception.

”My passion for pies inspired me to pursue a food science degree and in doing so I met Victoria, a food science student from Sweden and it was love at first sight. One things lead to another and we decided to give Sweden a go. The move went well but I was shocked upon arrival that there wasn’t a real pie to be found anywhere.

This was the beginning of the dream to bring NZ Pies to the Swedish and European markets however it turned out to be a rather big job to start a commercial food operation in a new country. We tested the waters in 2015-16 working from a borrowed kitchen while waiting for our own NZ Pie bakery to be ready to launch in January 2017.

Since these early days we have expanded the bakery significantly and recruited a team to join us on the mission to transform the pie landscape of Sweden. And we have only just begun!

Damned Good Pies for all. After all, life is too short to settle for anything less!”


NZ Pies
Movägen 11, Norr
641 49 Katrineholm, Sverige

0150-102 06




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